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TFT display 2'4" full colour

Nine beverage options

1 Touch Cappuccino

Free your contemporary home barista spirit with Professional Steam Wand to make you relive at home the barista rituals


More control and visibility for an easy, immediate, and improved user experience.


Experience the features of the feather touch interface while making the perfect cup of coffee with an Italian genius coffee machine. Guarantee of premium quality and expression of a neverending passion for the art of espresso making.

Each drink can be customized to your desired temperature, brew strength, and volume. You can also choose to brew with pre-ground coffee using the bypass doser, or make two drinks consecutively when selecting the espresso, espresso lungo, or coffee options. The hot water feature can be set to your preferred volume while the steam function will dispense steam for as long as you like. The true commercial steam wand with a 1-hole tip takes a bit of practice, but produces the best frothed milk of any super-automatic machine on the market.

Why You Should Get It

If you love authentic Italian espresso and have been searching for a machine that delivers value, quality, and flexibility, the Gaggia Magenta Plus may have been made for you. With a true commercial wand, if you have the inclination, you can produce some of the best milk available to super-automatic machines while enjoying easy espressos. Compact and classy, the Magenta Plus will have no issues sliding into your kitchen.

Gaggia Magenta Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


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