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A premium hamper that delivers a wonderful start to the day and brings pure joy and decadent flavours. The TGC designer collection features a first-class coffee blend that hails from Karnataka’s finest coffee plantations in a special collaboration with luxury menswear designer and coffee connoisseur Arjun Khanna.
A rich mix of decadent coffee-flavoured chocolates, healthy coffee workout bites and granola bars have also been added as well as a unique peanut butter jar that is infused with coffee for extra energy.
A French Press (650ml) completes this luxurious hamper.

Designer Collection Hamper

    • Matte Black Designer Edition blend 
    • Coffee Chocolates
    • Coffee flavoured Workout Bites
    • Coffee flavoured Granola Bars
    • Peanut Butter With Coffee Infusion 
    • French Press - 650ml 

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