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Authentic Italian Coffee Perfection with the new cappuccinatore: Patented cyclonic chamber, it froths milk perfectly for the best in-cup result

An efficient 2-touch cappuccino coffee that is remarkably reliable. The Beverage options are espresso, cappuccino, and Long Black. Also gets hot water for tea. The water tank is an efficient 1.5 liter. Comes along with a patented cappuccinatore that provides creamy foam. Ceramic grinders extract the purest essence of the coffee, preventing overheating and burning. The material guarantees long-lasting performances, silence, and the best in-cup results. This is a cost-effective coffee machine for home purposes. The milk can be controlled and you can add the amount of milk you require in the beverage. It’s also a low-maintenance coffee machine.

Gaggia Naviglo Deluxe - Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


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