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About The Product

  • One Touch Coffee Experience: Enjoy perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte with Wonderchef Regenta Fully-Automatic Coffee Machine. This bean-to-cup fully automatic machine grinds the beans for that fresh taste every time, and even froths the milk automatically so you can have the perfect experience at the touch of a button.
  • Digital Display: Navigate through the intuitive menu options on the HD touch screen display which offers a wide selection of coffee choices, including Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, and Latte.
  • Easy Operations: Just choose your favourite coffee. The machine will automatically grind the beans, extract espresso shot, put the milk from the container, froth it appropriately and add it to the espresso shot to give you perfect coffee every time.
  • Freshly Ground: Watch as the coffee beans are freshly ground into a fine powder. The 19 bar high pressure Italian pump extracts a perfect espresso with a thick, golden crema on top, ensuring a rich and flavourful coffee experience.
  • Optimal Heating: Double thermo-block feature provides faster and more uniform heating, guaranteeing consistent and precise brewing every time. This is because there are separate heating blocks for the coffee and the steamer.
  • Conical Burr Grinder: High-quality grinder ensures a consistent grind, resulting in superior taste and aroma.
  • Easy to Clean: Just at the press of a button, the machine will clean itself, saving you time and effort.
  • Warranty: Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian Design and adhere to German Quality Standards. They are covered by reliable on-site warranty. T&C apply.

Brand: Wonderchef

Package Content:

  • Main Unit:1 N 
  • 1.5 Litres Water Tank: 1N 
  • 300 ml Milk Tank: 1N
  • Coffee Bean Container 220 gms: 1N

Origin: People's Republic of China

Regenta Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


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