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Your At-Home Barista at a touch of a button

GAGGIA ACCADEMIA What’s your cup of coffee? Latte? Macchiato? Cappuccino? This versatile machine can brew them all, at the touch of a button. Its ceramic grinder preserves the aroma and flavor of coffee, by preventing beans from burning during the grinding process. And its pre-brewing system moistens the coffee before the actual brewing to produce a flavourful, aromatic cup. Easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its removable brewing group and automatic cleaning mechanism, it’s also energy efficient and has a variety of settings that let it adapt to individual tastes. It also comes with an integrated cup warmer that allows coffee to stay warm for a long time. And if you’re the type that simply hates waiting for your cappuccino, its double boiler can whip you a cuppa, in just a few seconds.


Usage Type: Home & Offices

Accademia Glass


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