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5 Tips For Better Not Bitter Coffee

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Hey Coffee Lover and Enthusiast,

It’s been a while since we last reached out, but we are back with some fresh and exciting coffee content for this summer.

Kicking it off, let’s talk about enjoying good Coffee. A beverage that starts your day and carries you through should be enjoyable and should make you feel energetic.

We hear many coffee lovers saying their coffee is bitter and that they have to add milk and sugar to make it taste good. In this edition we give you 5 tips to make sure you never drink bitter coffee again.


1. Low Quality or Over Roasted Coffee

The first thing you may want to try is switching out the coffee itself. Medium and medium-dark roasts are the perfect balance of coffee traits with roasting flavours, and can be lot more easy on the palate than the darkest roasts.

Low quality coffee is usually quite harsh and acidic, with no other obvious flavours. Coffee in this category can take quite a bit of sugar and cream to make palatable, which is no good. Forget the instant coffee, for sure.


2. Over-Extraction

Over-extraction results from too fine of a grind size, too long of an extraction time, or both. You can easily use a shorter extraction time if you use a French press or an AeroPress. Generally, the finer your grind, the shorter the extraction time needs to be. If you don’t own a good burr grinder, be sure your coffee is ground for your preferred method. Always use the correct grind size for your method to avoid over-extraction.


3. Using Tap Water

Don’t use tap water when brewing coffee. Using filtered water makes a noticeable difference in the smoothness of brewed coffee. Tap water can introduce all sorts of weird metallic tastes that become prominent when heated. Always use filtered water when brewing coffee.


4. Using a Low Quality Coffee Maker

Consider investing in a manual brewing method or higher end coffee maker. If you haven’t descaled your coffee pot in a while (or ever…), you may want to try this before investing in a new method. Descaling allows your machine to run optimally and minimizes some of the elements that can lead to bitter tasting coffee.


5. Too much stirring and agitation

If you already use a manual brewing method, try not to mess with your coffee so much during the extraction process. Once all the grounds are wet, you really don’t need to keep stirring.

You can even cut down on how much you stir by how you first pour the water. Typically saturate the grounds by pouring water in circles and purposely covering all the grounds. Avoid excessively stirring your coffee during extraction.


Hope that helps… Give our tips a try. And if you need more inputs on brewing your cup of joe perfect each time, give us a shout. Write to us at

Happy Brewing,

Ketan @ The Grind Coffee Co.


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