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Rich. Dark. Matte. 

A signature luxury blend crafted with coffee patron & designer extraordinaire  Arjun Khanna. 

If there is one thing that consistently defines Arjun Khanna, it is passion for great style. Whether it is his inspired clothing collections, his passion for classic bikes, an impeccably curated selection of vintage curios or his museum-quality interiors, Khanna sees all his creations through the prism of impeccable style.

An avid coffee lover, Khanna has marked his foray into the coffee industry with an exclusive collaboration with Coffee Grind Co. to bring a singularly exclusive coffee to life. 
Matte Black Coffee, a limited-edition deliciously dark 100% Arabica coffee.


This collaboration is born out of a mutual love for premium coffee and a passion to craft a boutique blend that is rich, silky and singularly exceptional in its flavour. 

Together we were Inspired by the pride and passion of coffee planters in the world’s famous coffee-growing regions commanding their price for their labour. Indian coffee is as luxurious as any International Specialty Coffee. Step-by-step, fuelled by deep research and knowledge of what is required in the cup, the estate worked with TGC and Arjun to manifest a coffee that is meant to be drunk by true connoisseurs of coffee.

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